7-Step Yoga Reset Guide

Your FREE 7-step journey to deepen your yoga practice and recenter your body, mind and soul.

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The 7-Step Yoga Reset Guide is a FREE on-and-off-the-mat yoga journey, empowering you to believe in your body, master your mindset, and strengthen your soul.

This self-paced 7-step guide includes:

On-the-Mat Yoga Classes

Energy Aligning Exercises

Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

Chakra Mantras & Affirmations

I’m Allie Van Fossen.

I’m a yoga teacher, self-growth student, freedom-seeker and the founder of the Body Mind Soul Studio. Although I started yoga for the workout, I quickly realized that it has so much more to offer than any single pose or surface-level promise.

Today, I serve hundreds of women through the BMS Studio where we share transformative on-and-off-the-mat yoga experiences that empower women to write their own stories, and lead wholesome, fulfilling lives.

No equipment necessary.
Perfect for beginners and veteran yogis.


The Buzz from OUR YOGA Family

“I loved Step 3 lesson and yoga practice. I felt the energy coursing through my body, it was powerful.”


“I feel supported by this journey to bring changes into my life, and I feel reborn to take action, perfect or imperfect!” 


“Completing the workbook has given me much needed self-care time. I am feeling grounded and nourished as I start my day, and am enjoying a feeling of purpose.”


“I loved learning about yoga psychology and aligning my practices with the chakra system.”


“Amazing journey, you’ve taught me so much, thank you for everything.”


“Thank you Allie and your team of superheroes for creating the space for me to go deep, get real, be vulnerable, take chances and rise up.”


Start your journey to wholeness today.